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Magnisol is an Implementation and Delivery Partner for Ceridian Dayforce serving the Americas, Australia, the United Kingdom and other select global regions. We are part of, which employs more than 3,500 people in 40 countries and are a registered Ceridian Dayforce System Implementation Partner

About us

Ceridian Dayforce is a global HCM software platform which enables employers to seamlessly manage all stages of an employee’s employment lifecycle.

Dayforce unifies:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Workforce Management
  • Talent Management
  • Benefits

into a single application which provisions comprehensive employee records.

What we can help you achieve as your Premium partner in implementing Ceridian Dayforce Solutions


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Continuous Calculation

Employee entitlements are automatically updated in line with associated changes to employee records, schedules, benefits, etc.;

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Unified Pay and Time

Access and work on Time and Payroll data in one system at any point during the pay period;

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Compliance Features

Ceridian monitors laws and manages changes to help clients stay current on complex payroll and tax rules. Company-specific policies are also configurable to easily validate schedules, time-off requests, and more;

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Schedules and Timesheets

All-time data is accessible from one place allowing managers to review and edit timesheet data from one screen;

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Dayforce Wallet

Flexible and effective management of payments and cash flow;

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Self Service, Mobile Access, and Easy Data Entry

Modern user and manager experience with emphasis on data integrity, transparency and accuracy;

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Tax Management, Verification Services, Global Payroll solutions

and more;

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Data and Analytics Suite

Embedded People Analytics within a modern BI platform which provisions insightful reporting solutions and dashboards.

Why magnisol is the premium business partner

Simplified decision making

With data stored in a single, central location the integrated Data & Analytics Suite delivers powerful and purposeful real-time reports enabling better decision making at all levels.

A modular solution

That allows for ultimate flexibility in solution design.

Integrated systems

The Dayforce continuous and proactive HR, Payroll and Workforce Management integrated systems simplify processing to significantly reduce the cycle time, cost and risk associated with Payroll and HR operations.

Dayforce Payroll

Can be part of an integrated Dayforce HR solution or a complement to your existing HRIS solutions.

This fully managed offering

Is transforming how complex payroll, time and taxation needs are streamlined to better ensure accuracy, transparency and compliance.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

HCM Cloud Solutions for Enterprise | Ceridian

Ceridian Dayforce Services, in partnership with magnisol

With over 30 years of HR, payroll and time services delivery expertise in public sector as well as commercial industries, the magnisol team are proven Ceridian Dayforce partners, enabling our clients to plan and successfully deliver Ceridian Dayforce Payroll and HRIS transformation initiatives.

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